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Android App Development Services – Exciting Mobile App Ideas for iOS and Android

Did you know? Mobile app downloads will cross $258.2bn USD by 2022 while it was $194bn USD in the 2018. It is not going to stop there. As per Statista Worldwide Mobile App Revenue will reach $935.2bn USD by the end of 2023. Smartphones and mobile applications have penetrated out lives deeper than we ever thought. A mobile app developer will always be under pressure to ideate and implement a mobile app idea that will help the client’s business to stay ahead of the curve. According to the best android app development services, here are the best ideas a developer must be aware of.

  1. Virtual Interior Designing App

A virtual interior designing app can assist you in furnishing and decorating the room by offering the best possible options and solutions through virtual previews. All you must do is take a picture of the room and the app can take furniture, curtains, décor, and other applications to it through augmented reality. The app helps in visualizing the room and enables the users to change wall colors, experiment with light, add and remove curtains and furniture items.

  1. Disaster Alert App

There are some places that are prone to high seismic activities, snowstorms, tornadoes and more. When an app can detect the environmental activity in real-time, it can help the users in rescuing themselves long before their life is in danger. There are some automated apps that can suggest the users what they can do to save themselves.

  1. Applications for the Elderly People

It is crucial to put special attention and additional care when we age, and elderly people are gradually becoming used to the mobile apps. There is a large segment of mobile app users who are elderly people. Therefore, as per the best android app development companies, an app that can help them in planning their daily activities, share a reminder about the medication and utility bills or simplify ordering the food products, can make their lives a lot easier.

  1. Personal Budget App

Budgeting allows us to allocate the finances efficiently. It is crucial to make sure that we have enough money for the goods and services that are crucial. An app that can monitor our money by recording the monthly salary and expenses, can assist us in planning the budget and execute the financial activities responsibly. According to the best android app development services, it can be designed in a way that allows us to present the daily spending limit and send us reminders based on that.

  1. Event Planner App

Organizing an event seems easy but it isn’t, and it needs hard work. Thus, an app that makes an event planning seamless and trouble-free is needed in today’s day and age. As per the best mobile app development services, the app can be designed in a way that simplifies the event planning for gathering of any size and it enables the users to create tasks for the event with the due dates and timelines. It should also help in developing schedules, create to-do lists, manage the guest lists, vendor lists and keep a track of the event from the smartphone.

  1. Barter Exchange App

Before the invention of money, people used to exchange services and goods. At present, the ancient practice has made a comeback, but through techniques that are much more refined and in sync with the trading. These include online auctions and swap markets. Therefore, an app can serve as the platform that facilitates the exchange process among the users that want to barter various things like fashion accessories, clothing, office supplies, electronic gadgets, tools, toys, books and more. Therefore, the best android app development companies suggest that having a barter exchange app is a good option.

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