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Digital Marketing in Perth – How Menulog Lured Gen-Z

To start with an introduction, Menulog is an app-based food ordering and delivery app headquartered in Australia. You can order a wide array of cuisines from multiple restaurants across the country using Menulog. The company has successfully connected 3.8 million active customers to 30,000 local restaurants. Did you know? Menulog serves 92% of the addressable population in Australia and New Zealand making it one of the biggest players in the region. This blog will discuss how Menulog used digital marketing in Perth to lure Gen-Z.

According to the website of Menulog, it supports restaurants of all sizes, starting from independent restaurants and cafes to some of the world’s most favourite brands like KFC, Mcdonalds’, Subway, Hungry Jack’s and more.

Using the Right Channels

TikTok as the Primary Social Media Channel

When it comes to digital marketing in Perth, using the right channels is crucial. Menulog realized quickly that if they needed to cater to the young audience, they needed to focus on the channels that the young audience were paying attention to. These included TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. The primary focus was on TikTok right from the get-go. It is crucial to understand that people go to TikTok to discover different pieces of content because it is entertaining and light-hearted.

However, TikTok didn’t adhere to the conventional marketing timetables. A certain topic might be trending, but it would only trend for a week. You can’t take a long production approach to use the content on TikTok. Therefore, Menulog quickly created content when they saw something trending on TikTok. That’s how they became a part of these spikes in culture.

Community Centricity 

One of the most successful engagements of Menulog was the discovery of the trending sound “wee,” which was accompanied by videos of animals falling over or jumping. Menulog hired Connecting Pilots as their creative communications agency. Connecting Pilots suggested the concept of using chicken nuggets that Menulog approved. In 24 hours, the content was shot, edited, and posted to the platform. Video marketing is a part of digital marketing in Perth. Two versions of the video were created, one of which garnered 2.4 million views, and the follow-up attracted 4,00,000 views to date.

Another theme that Menulog tapped used was the #potatotok. They used this as the basis for the content that showed Menulog’s customer’s love for potato-based foods. On TikTok, people appreciate it when a brand engages with them. Whether it is a like, a thumbs-up or a cheeky comment, it has a positive impact. Indeed, the rapid turnaround demanded by TikTok will not suit all the brands. Still, it worked for Menulog because of the agile nature of the marketing team and the strong internal communication.

Use of Facebook in the Best Possible Way

When it is about digital marketing in Perth, you cannot ignore the importance of Facebook as the largest social media platform. 80% of the brands choose to advertise on Facebook because it is full of business opportunities.

Menulog uses a lot of video ads. Therefore, Menulog performs A/B testing on different creatives and uses them according to the different audience types. They also focus on the text to ensure the best ad copy and its optimal performance. Also, Menulog conducts A/B testing on the copy with different lengths of the copy, the symbols used, and the subject of the copy because they directly affect the CTR.

Another great thing about their social media ads on Facebook is they create engaging CTA, which helps to increase conversion. Also, the ads are not valuable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Menulog realized quickly that every ad has a life cycle. So, they put up ads at the best time, which made the ads get the highest value within a limited time.

Connecting with Youth Idols

Digital marketing in Perth is also about connecting with the right people at the right time. So Menulog invested in American songwriter and rapper Snoop Dogg, and it offered them good dividends in getting the attention of the youth. Also, they launched a campaign with singer Katy Perry, which became popular too!

Shifting Towards Employment Model

When Menulog was founded in 2006 in Sydney, the company started as a self-delivery business that worked with different restaurant partners who had their drivers for delivery. In 2018, when Just Eat acquired them, Menulog began the delivery logistics known as the Menulog Delivery Service. Since Menulog arrived late to this service, they could leverage the market insights to launch a service based on the best practices available with individual contractors that did the deliveries. Here is what they did.

They did more with the courier service – even though the Menulog business model was suitable for the Australian Market, the gig economy kept increasing. They also committed to the safety of the couriers.

Using a 3-Prong Approach – Menulog created a 3-prong approach towards the shift of the employment model that included a new modern award along with a work commission after the consultation with important stakeholders.

The uniqueness of Menulog lies in the management of the company’s delivery services. They don’t take a commission from the fees of the delivery person. Instead, they use analytics that helps in growing the business.

Some Final Words

Menulog started as a traditional brand. However, they successfully positioned themselves among the youth through digital marketing in Perth and bringing changes in the business model. This is highly commendable. Also, their fight for regular employment as delivery drivers has offered them a lot of media attention. There is no denying that people are aware of them, and they are trending in the right direction.

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