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Digital Marketing in Perth – How the Digital Marketing Landscape is Changing?

You may not like it, but digital marketing is undergoing many changes. These changes are not from the competition perspective. You already know that marketing gets increasingly expensive and competitive every year. That’s a given! One of the most important reasons for digital marketing in Perth is the adoption of new technologies. Also, the world wide web is saturated. Did you know? There are 1,805,260,010 websites on the web. Thus, it means there is one website for every four people worldwide. So, let’s get into it! Here is how digital marketing will change this year.

  1. SEO Won’t Look the Same

We are starting with this one because SEO is shifting towards voice search. It’s not just people speaking to their microphones on their cell phones or laptop. Did you know? 30% of web browsing won’t even happen on a device with a screen. This means more people will search using devices like Alexa or Google Home. It is crucial for digital marketing in Perth because being on Page 1 doesn’t matter regarding voice search. Either Google will pull from your website, or they won’t. Also, conversions from voice searches will be lower because people will not go to the website. Google will simply offer them the answer.

  1. Algorithm Updates will be more Complex

As per digital marketing in Perth, Google no longer looks at the metrics like content and backlink count to determine whether a site ranks well. Instead, they look at other metrics like:

  • Whether the users spend more time on a specific site than other sites.
  • Are people bouncing off your website and heading back to the listing page?
  • Are the brand queries increasing over time? Do the people see you as the brand?
  • Do people find your site more appealing? In simple terms, is the click-through rate higher?

If you can put yourself in the user’s shoes, you shall be better suited to do all the above. Understand the intent of the search, and you shall be able to solve the problems much more quickly.

  1. Blogging WILL Work, but It Takes More Time

According to digital marketing in Perth, the web is saturated. There are just too many websites and web content available. There are 1.8 billion websites. Yes, not all of them are being updated, a lot of them are dormant, and 1 billion are blogs. There were not as many blogging websites even a few years ago. However, as time passed, Google no longer had a shortage of content. So you can say there is too much content for them to choose from. Thus, they are pickier about whether they want to rank their website. It is not just about the backlinks or optimizing the on-page code. It is about offering what is best for the end user.

  1. You Should Focus on the New Search Engines and Content Types

Text-based content is saturated. We know that it takes a long time to rank on Google. If you are unwilling to give it a year, you should not spend more time doing traditional SEO. There is another form of SEO where you can see the results quickly. It is on YouTube. You can generate a lot of traffic from YouTube searches. And the best part is YouTube is not as competitive as Google. Also, you won’t have to worry about optimizing the iTunes store if you have a podcast. Focus on putting the efforts on the less-saturated forms of content like audio and video content while optimizing for the less common search engines like iTunes and YouTube.

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