6 Core Loose tube Gel Filled Singlemode OS2 Fibre Cable -Blue

• Non-metallic and anti-buckling element FRP rod used as Central Strength Member.• Water swellable yarn helically wrapped over central strength member.• Loose buffer tubes fully filled Thixotropic Jelly• Loose buffer tubes S-Z Stranded• Glass Yarn as perephral strength member• Cable core is wrapped with water swellable Tape• HDPE Black for inner sheath• Outer jacket of Polyamide-12 Blue• Particularly robust cable and insect resistance• Complies with relevent ITU and IEC standards and specifications

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SERVEREDGE nylon jacket dielectric loose tube fibre cable is suited to external underground installations in ducts by pulling jetting or floating techniques or by direct burial in open-cut trenches. Loose tube cable offers a cost-effective and rugged solution for medium and long distance external fibre runs. SERVEREDGE nylon jacket loose tube cable is available in OM3 OM4 and Single mode OS2.




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