ALOGIC Ultra MINI USB-C (Male) to DisplayPort (Female) Adapter  

The ALOGIC Ultra MINI USB-C (male) to DisplayPort (female)adapter is designed for connecting a USB-C enabled computer (Windows/Mac/Chromebook) to DisplayPort enabled monitors and other display devices such as TV and projectors. The adapter supports display resolutions of up to 2160p (3840 x 2160). The device’s very compact form factor and minimal footprint make it perfect for on-the-go or at a desk use. Small But MightyThe device offers unparalleled freedom to grab-and-go forpresentations on the road. Weighing under 20g it is unrivalled in terms of sizeand weight and can hide away in any laptop bag handbag or pocket for when youneed it without taking up any space. Its tiny size also makes it a convenientway to use an existing DisplayPort monitor with a newer computer without theneed to replace fiddly cables. The smart off-set design of the adapter alsoprevents it from restricting access to any other ports on your laptop andallows for full access to all ports when in use.Ultra Build QualityThe Ultra range of premium adapters are made from superiorquality materials for the most elegant style and durability. They are designedwith a metal alloy jacket and TPE to provide additional support premium finishand outstanding strength for long-lasting use. This ensures a finished productthat will meet and exceed all performance standards beyond expectations.




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