ALOGIC Super Ultra USB-A to Lightning Cable – 1.5m – Silver

USB-A (USB 2.0) input  Lightning Cable output for compatible devices such as iPhones iPads and iPods.  Supports syncing of data between device – computer or laptop  Easily sync and transfer data such as music and photos between your Lightning compatible device and your computer or laptop. Ultra-durable braided construction

Power and sync all your Lightning compatible devices with Alogic’s Super Ultra USB-A to Lightning Cable. Simply connect the Cable to your compatible device such as your iPhone to experience rapid and easy charging. The Cable is crafted from high-quality material to create a stylish and durable design. The Ultra Cable is reinforced with strong synthetic fibre to ensure maximum strength with an added braiding on the outer jacket this provides additional protection and against abrasions and safeguards the Cable against breakage or tears. Each design quality of the Cable combined creates a product that can withstand even the most demanding routines and perform above expectation while having an extended lifespan.  Ultra-Strength:The Alogic Super Ultra USB-A to Lightning Cable is constructed using heavy-gauge high-quality wire and materials to ensure ultimate strength performance and power flow. This translates to the fastest connectivity and efficiency when connecting your Lightning compatible devices to any USB charger.  Durable Construction: The Super Ultra Cable features additional strain relief made from a combination of TPE and PVC materials which are designed for flexibility and strength. This ensures that the most vulnerable point of the Cable and the connectors are supported and stay intact. The connector is also fashioned from aluminium to further reinforce the Cable’s lifespan. Fast Charging: MFi certified the Alogic Super Ultra USB-A to Lightning Cable is made for Apple products that have a Lightning connector such as the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. This feature guarantees a protected and ideal charging speed for your device. 




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