ALOGIC Super Ultra USB-C to Lightning Cable – 1.5m – Space Grey

• Fashioned with an inner wiring that is reinforced with a strong synthetic fibre to provide maximum strength.• Features a flexible nylon double braided jacket to provide protection against all types of wear and tear.• MFi certified by Apple to ensure optimal and safe charging at a rapid pace. • Supports super-fast charging and high file transfer speeds to and from computers laptops smartphones and tablets.• Reversible connectors on both ends for complete ease of use• Enabled with extended and flexible strain relief to absorb stress that creates bending or twisting

Description:The Alogic Super Ultra USB-C to Lightning Cable is the solution to fast charging for all Apple Lightning devices. The Cable is crafted from superior quality materials to achieve and elegant design with ultimate durability. The inner wiring of the Cable is reinforced with a combination of strong synthetic fibre to ensure maximum strength and flexible nylon double braided jacket which provides protection against breakage and all types of wear and tear. The Alogic Super Ultra Cables are fashioned with features that are especially designed to provide extended strain relief and resistance to guarantee long-lasting lifespan.Durable Double Braided Construction: The Super Ultra Cable features an elegant durable double braided cotton jacket that provides resistance against natural wear and tears. The Cable has a high strength fibre built right at the core of the cable for maximum reinforcement which protects the Cable’s internal structure against any potential damage.Superior Design:The Alogic Super Ultra Cable features an extended strain relief and is fashioned from a combination of TPE and PVC that is designed for both flexibility and strength. The aluminium housing ensures that even the most vulnerable point between the cable and the connector will always stay intact providing an extended cable life.Fast Charging:MFi certified the Alogic Super Ultra USB-C to Lightning Cable is one of the first USB-C Cables on the market to be approved by Apple. Made especially for Apple products the Charging Cable is equipped to guarantee super-fast charging at a safe and optimum charging speed for any compatible lightning-enabled devices.




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