ALOGIC Ultra 2m HDMI to HDMI 8K Cable – Male to Male – Space Grey – Male to MaleInput: HDMI Output: HDMI

• Enables you to connect any HDMI-enabled devices to an external display or monitor• Supports up to 8K high-resolution display @60Hz or 4K @120Hz• HDR – High Dynamic Range• VRR – Variable Refresh Rate• eARC – uncompressed full resolution sound• Designed from flexible materials that reduce strain relief and absorbs potential stress points that may cause bending or twisting. • Future Proof

The ALOGIC Ultra 8K HDMI to HDMI Cable allows you to connect any HDMI enabled source device such as a laptop or PC Game Console Blue Ray Player Hifi Amps etc to a compatible display like a TV monitor or projector. The cable is compliant with the latest HDMI V2.1 specification which supports up to 8K@60Hz resolution and a host of new capabilities that will unlock the true potential of your compatible devices now and into the future.High-Definition 8K Display: The Ultra HDMI to HDMI Cable is built to support a maximum resolution of 8K@60Hz or 4K@120Hz. The cable is HDMI V2.1 compatible allowing true Ultra high resolution and faster screen refresh rates all while delivering 48Gbps. This makes it ideal for high-resolution high frame rate applications like video walls gaming or video editing.  Peerless PerformanceHDMI 2.1 unlocks the immersive experience of High Dynamic Range content. Super sharp contrast improved brightness and more colours are available when you combine compatible content audio and video equipment with the Ultra 8K HDMI to HDMI 2.1 cables. Variable refresh rates reduce stutter latency and lag effects. This allows seamless video and audio for streaming gaming and virtual reality.  Audio is uncompressed and full resolution delivering better sound quality. Setup is also easier as you only need HDMI for Audio no additional cables required. Ultra-Construction:The ALOGIC Ultra range is crafted from superior materials and specially designed to guarantee a longer lifespan. The cable core is strengthened with synthetic fibre and reinforced with a thermoplastic jacket to provide increased protection against all types of wear and tear. The cable head is also constructed from thermoplastic for maximum strain relief and finished with a meal alloy housing for additional durability.Future ProofUltra-high resolution and screen refresh rates support the latest and the next generation picture / audio products on the market. So as more advanced content and new technology is released your Alogic HDMI 2.1 cables will continue to deliver the best experience possible when combined with compatible audio visual equipment.




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