ALOGIC USB-C Power Bank ULTIMATE 10000 mAH – 18W Power Delivery 10W Wireless Charging 3-USB Outputs – White

– Equipped with Qi wireless charging capabilities- A full array of charging capabilities: USB-C output & input (15W) USB-A (12W) and Wireless Charging (10W)- Lithium battery capacity: 10000mAh – Cool white LCD light to display the power bank’s capacity

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The ALOGIC USB-C 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank Ultimate is designed to be one of the most powerful portable devices on the market. It is the ultimate companion capable of powering and charging up to three devices simultaneously. The power bank features a 10W wireless charger for all your Qi-enabled devices a USB-C port capable of fast charging with up to 15W output and two USB-A ports with a 12W output to charge your phones tablets or smartwatch. The power bank acts as a portable solution that fuels majority of your devices without worrying about having all your chargers accessible whether you are at home on-the-go or on a plane. Wireless Charging:Remove the clutter from your desk with the wireless charging ability of the 10000mAh Power Bank Ultimate. Designed for Qi-enabled devices the built-in 10W Qi wireless charging feature takes the word remote to a whole new level eliminating the need for cables. The Power of USB-C:The USB-C 10000 Power Bank Ultimate is the perfect travel companion capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously. With a maximum power output of 15W from the USB-C port the power bank can easily fast charge your devices to ensure your devices are powered up again in no time. Equipped with Fast Charge:With up to 12W fast charging the USB-A port on the power bank ensures your devices at fully powered in no time. Durable and Portable:Crafted from Soft Touch Rubber (ABS) the 10000mAh Power Bank Ultimate is designed to be durable lightweight and portable. The ideal device to carry in your backpack luggage or neatly on your desk this power bank eliminates the hassle of finding the closest power outlet and carrying multiple cables or adapters. Smart Digital Display: The USB-C 10000mAh Power Bank Ultimate displays a cool white LED light in numerical value which indicates the battery level on an LCD display to ensure accuracy and accessibility. Equipped with a dedicated LED wireless charging you’ll always be aware of your Qi-enabled phone’s charging status. Meets & Exceeds all Safety Standards – Certified Safe:Charge with a peace of mind knowing that the 10000mAh is certified to meet and exceed both local and international regulatory standards. Engineered with multiple safety mechanisms to protect your devices from malfunctions such as temperature spikes; in the event a foreign object is detected the LED light will flash red. 




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