ALOGIC USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter – (Driverless / Plug & Play) – Prime Series

Precision Unibody Enclosure: Precision unibody enclosure crafted from a single block of aluminium.” Light durable and incredibly beautiful design.”Self Powered & Driver Free: Plug and play device comes with pre installing drivers compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.” The device is also self powered through the USB-C port. Warranty: 1 year

The ALOGIC Vrova Plus VPLUCAGE USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter adds a Gigabit Ethernet port to any USB-C enabled Ultrabook / Laptop / Desktop. Ideal for Offices Conference & Hotel rooms with a wired internet connection this small and compact adapter connects to a USB-C port on your computer and provides a RJ-45 port for connection to a wired network at data transfer rates of up to 1 Gbps.




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