ALOGIC USB-C Wall Charger 18W with Power Delivery – WHITE

Suitable to FAST charge tablets smartphones portable game console and any other devices via the USB-C cable.  Power Delivery Technology (PD 3.0) to deliver the right amount of power to charge your devices for the fastest charging speed for your USB-C enabled devices. Portable elegant and compact design for on the go use. Certified to meet and exceed all safety standards

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The ALOGIC USB-C Wall Charger 18W with Power Delivery offers fast and convenient charging for your smartphone tablets and portable game consoles such as Nintendo Switch. The single USB-C port features the latest PD 3.0 specifications to charging your USB-C enabled device at the fastest speed.   Power Delivery Technology  The charger uses the latest and greatest of USB-C Power Delivery technology (PD 3.0) that lets you charge a range of USB devices very quickly by using the right combination of voltage and current.  Suitable use at home/ Office or On-The-Go.  The charger is designed to be versatile and durable making it perfect for use at home/office or On-The-Go as a travel companion to charge your devices quickly.   Certified Safe – Meets & Exceeds all Safety standards  The 18W power adapter is certified to meet and exceed all international regulatory standards and features multiple safety functions.




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