Alogic USB3.0 to HDMI® / DVI External Multi Display Adapter

Supports WindowsÔ XP Add an extra Display or connect your Computer to a LCD TV or Projector through any available USB 3. Port on your Computer.Vista WindowsÔ 7 WindowsÔ 8WindowsÔ 8.1WindowsÔ 1 .
Video streaming is supported up to 2 48x1152p.
Supports Extend and Mirror on to the extra display.
Resumes from hibernation and suspend modes.
Add up to six
VROVA (USB3HDDV-ADP) adapters via USB 3. ports.


The VROVA (USB3HDDV-ADP) USB 3. to HDMIÔ / DVI Multi Display Adapter makes it possible to convert any existing USB 3. port on a Laptop/Desktop into a HDMI/DVI* output with resolution up to 2 48x1152p and Audio support* The VROVA adapter makes it easy to add multi-Display capability which can be used to mirror your primary desktop showing the same image on each display or to extend your desktop to double your workspace and increase your productivity. The Adapter is backward compatible with USB 2. ports as well **.*The adapters come included with a DVI converter (HDMI to DVI converter) which allows conversion to a DVI output. Audio Support is only available with HDMI output.**Although the adapter supports connection to a USB 2. port the quality might be poor under high resolution display settings. This adapter does not support USB 1. /1.1.




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