Aten VanCryst VGA Over Cat5 Video Extender with Audio

Uses Cat 5e cable to extend audio and video transmission up to 15 m
Superior video quality _ screen resolutions include 192 x 12 @6 Hz(3 m) 16 x 12 @6 Hz(1 m) and 128 x 1 24@6 Hz(15 m)
Adjustable Gain Control lets you manually adjust signal strength to compensate for distance
Audio enabled (mono)
No external power supply needed for transmitter
Convenient docking interface for mounting the VE 22 on the display device.
Eliminates the need for bulky VGA cables
Easy installationWarranty: 2 YEARS

The VE 22 Mini Cat 5 A/V Extender allows you to extend the distance between your video/audio source and display devices by as much as 15 meters using a Cat 5e cable providing an easy way to replace heavy and expensive VGA cables. With hot-plugging support you can quickly add or remove the VE 22 transmitter/receiver connected to the source/display device without having to power down devices.The VE 22 Mini Cat 5 A/V Extender is a compact convenient and economical addition to your video/audio setup.s




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