*EOL* IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming Chimera M2 – Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse

7-button high resolution wired/wireless mouse with 3 programmable buttons
Wired mode for super high-resolution gaming use
Wireless mode for convenient office use
Charging dock features a 2.4GHz wireless receiver – up to 33 ft.
Easily switch between wireless and wired operation
Adjust DPI on-the-fly:1000/1500/2000 dpi – gaming mode1000/1200/1600 dpi – office mode
Up to 1000 RPS report rate in gaming mode
Dual sensor design uses two different types for the best of both worlds
High-efficiency IR sensor (desktop)
High-resolution optical sensor (gaming)
Omron switches with 10-million click rating
1100mAh Lithium Polymer recharging battery
Sleep mode with intelligent wake featureWarranty: 3-YEAR

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Chimera M2 – Dual Use MouseIOGEAR’s Kaliber Gaming line delivers products with the most sought after features while also providing practical solutions to enhance performance. In this regard the new Kaliber Gaming Chimera M2 Wired/Wireless Dual Mode Mouse absolutely shines marrying the performance of a high-end gaming mouse with the convenience of a wireless desktop mouse. Wired mice are the standard when it comes to gaming but not because gamers like to be tethered but rather because nothing is faster than a wired connection. It is for that exact reason the Chimera M2 employs a 1 rps wired connection and high-resolution optical sensor with up to 2 G of acceleration and 6 inch-per-second tracking for the greatest possible advantage when gaming.Having that high-speed performance is great but even the most hardcore gamers eventually take a breather to check email surf the web or update social media. Why deal with the inconvenience of being tethered all the time? Well with the Chimera M2 you can cut the tether and switch to wireless operation in seconds providing more freedom and convenience than a wired mouse ever could.Software for Programmable ButtonsThe Chimera M2 7-button precision gaming mouse features three programmable buttons plus two adjust on-the-fly DPI buttons that are perfect for shifting between speedy movements and controlled aiming. The two side buttons and wheel button are programmable to activate gaming macros or desktop shortcuts. The free downloadable WindowsÔ driver allows custom programming functions for three of the mouse’s 7 buttons. With a single press of a macro button you can execute commands that would normally be much more difficult and gain a huge advantage over the competition. You can set mouse buttons to use the melee weapon throw grenades crouch change weapons etc.- without using the keyboard so you can keep your fingers glued to the WASD keys.Office and GamingThe Chimera M2 utilizes two different sensors for two operating modes: Office and Gaming. In Office Mode the Chimera M2 uses an energy efficient IR sensor to deliver maximum runtime for wireless operation. Office Mode allows you to perform those daily tasks while remaining completely untethered and can last weeks between charges depending upon use. In Gaming Mode the Chimera M2 switches over to its high-speed high-resolution optical sensor and delivers a massive increase in accuracy and agility to supercharge your gaming experience.Wired or Wireless OperationThe Chimera M2 can be used both wired and wirelessly. The charging dock functions as a 2.4GHz wireless receiver and allows you to use the mouse from up to 33ft away. When it comes to extended game play the included micro USB cable can be plugged directly into the mouse for a wired operating mode. This wired mode provides a more dynamic gaming experience by increasing the report rate to 1 RPS – as fast as any premium gaming mouse on the market today.Built-in Rechargeable BatteryAn internal rechargeable battery means you never need to deal with replacing batteries! In fact the energy saving IR sensor used for wireless mode combined with the auto-sleep/wake function allows the Chimera M2 to go days or even weeks without recharging. It really doesn’t get a whole lot more convenient than that- especially for a mouse with a full blown gaming alter ego.




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