*EOL* IOGEAR USB2.0 Wired Spill-Resistant Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Spill-Resistant/SpillProof: Accidental liquid spills and splashes will harmlessly drain out of your keyboard
High Resolution Optical Mouse
8 DPI delivers precise cursor movement
Number Lock Caps Lock and Scroll Lock LED indicators
Curved space bar keeps your hands in a more natural position

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Eliminate liquid havoc on your keyboard.IOGEAR’s Spill-Resistant Keyboard and Mouse Combo is designed to be protected from accidental splashes and spills that may occur at the work place or home office. Just like you depend on your morning cup of coffee to get you going you can also rely on the GKM513 to repel your cup of liquid energy if they should ever meet.If your keyboard is introduced to a liquid intrusion strategically placed canals under the keys will allow the fluid to stream away from the keys through the drainage channels.The new sleek design provides better tactile feeling and less pressure on your fingers and wrists. In addition the optical mouse provides optimum accuracy over most surfaces and minimal hand movement due to its 8 dpi resolution.Now you really don’t have to cry over spilled milk when you take control of your desktop with IOGEAR’s Spill-Resistant Keyboard and Mouse Combo! Accidents happen and can be very inconvenient. Value your time and take a preemptive step to protect your typing habitat.




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