IEC LOCK 1m IEC C13 to Aus 3 Pin Plug Power Cord – Male to Female

Works With Any Standard IEC C14 Socket
Ideal for UPSPDU’sWorkstations & Servers
Prevents C13 socket from accidental unplugging
Amp Rating: 1 amps 25 V
International Patent application No.PCT/GB 2/ 5714
SAA Approved
Available in .5m1m2m & 3m

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The IEC Lock patented connector locking features eliminates chances of any power failures due to accidental unplug to IEC C13 connectors from any crictical infrastructure.The cable is one piece & is based on plug and go .This can be plugged to any standard IEC connectors in UPSPDU’sServers Workstations etc.The self locking IEC C13 connector can be pushed & connected to any IEC C14 socket and can be pulled out very easily by simply sliding the red button backwards on IEC C13 connector.




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