IOGEAR Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Dock – Share One Keyboard Mouse between 2 X Bluetooth Device (Tablets & Mobiles) & 1 X Computer

Share your wired keyboard and mouse with up to two Bluetooth devices such as smart phones and tablets
Quickly switch desktop keyboard to mobile devices for faster texting emailing etc.
Compatible with iPadÔ iPhoneÔ Galaxy TabÔ Google NexusÔand other mobile devices
Built-in stand holds your tablet or smart phone at the proper viewing angle
Easily switch keyboard and mouse focus between devices via hotkeys
Supports PC and Mac keyboards
USB hot pluggable
Warranty: 1-YEAR

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The IOGEAR Bluetooth Desktop Dock allows you to share your favourite desktop keyboard and mouse with up to 2 Bluetooth enabled mobile devices and at the same time still use the keyboard and mouse for your desktop applications*. The built-in stand fits most smartphones and tablets even with a case!The IOGEAR Bluetooth Desktop Dock is ideal for multitasking professionals to consolidate a computer tablet and/or smart phone into a single connected work area. Typing emails text messaging creating documents and working on spreadsheets all become seamless and efficient via a single keyboard and mouse set. Think of it as a Bluetooth KVM or more accurately a Bluetooth KM since it does not require video switching.The Bluetooth Desktop Dock is easy to set up and use supporting both PC and Mac keyboards. The Dock also supports device specific hot keys so for example you can use F8 to Play/Pause music on your iPhoneÔ hold ESC to access Siri press Windows key+E to launch email on your Nexus 7_¢ etc. With the Bluetooth Desktop Dock connected you can even text or send email at work without anyone knowing!*iPhoneÔ and iPadÔ do not natively support mouse function please consult your mobile device manufacturers for details.




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