Serveredge 1.2m 3-in-1 KVM Proprietary Cable-DB37 to PS2USB VGA

Serveredge custom made cables maintain the signal’s optimal integrity and quality.Convenient and functional cable design with double-shielded 22 gauge for keyboard mouse and a UL-2919 video cable.

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The Serveredge Proprietary cables connecting your computers to your KVM LCD Drawer determine the quality of communication between the CPUs and the Drawer. Our custom-made cables are designed to provide the highest signal capacity with the lowest signal loss. This important technology produces the highest quality video output – even after long distance transmission or in the most electronically noisy environments such as server cabinets. Serveredge premium custom-made KVM cables guarantee optimum signal integrity for high-grade server needs. The keyboard and mouse cables are made of double-sealed 22-gauge wire and are neatly wrapped with a heavy-duty video cable for simplified connections.




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