Serveredge 4 Port DVI Video Splitter

Easy and affordable way to duplicate one video input to multiple DVI outputs
Automatic power-save when signal input is lost
Cascaded operation for increased signal outputs
Crisp clear video images
Support EDID HDCP and is Blu-ray ready for high definition display
Support DVI / HDMI display resolutions of up to UXGA (16 x 12 ) WUXGA (192 x 12 ) Full HD 1 8 p (192 x 1 8 )
Support audio function for HDMI / Audio over DVI source devices
Rack mountable ( compatible for 4-Port only )
LED indicators for signal activity monitoring
Accurate and reliable reproduction of digital video signals without attenuation and distortion
Installs in seconds

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The Serveredge 4 Port DVI Video Splitter is an easy and affordable solution for duplicating one video input into multiple DVI outputs.




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