Serveredge LCA Pigtail OS2-2M-12 Fibres (12 Colour)

Supports high-speed multi-channel data voice & video applications
Networks including Ethernet Fast Ethernet and GBE
Ideal for a wide range of telecom data-com and process control applications.
UL approved fibre optic cables

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Serveredge Fibre Pigtails are used to connect high-speed networks like gigabit ethernet fast ethernet and ethernet. The singlemode pigtail buffer conforms to IEC EIA TIA standards and is terminated with standard connectors which give optimum optical performance.These pigtail leads are used in patch panel terminations with the fibre end of the pigtail being spliced onto the fibre run and the connector is inserted in a coupler/adaptor on the patch panel. The connector on the pigtail has been pre-tested and certified in a controlled environment.




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