USB-A Fusion SWIFT 4-in-1 Hub -Space Grey

Essential Connectivity: 4-in-1 The 4-in-1 USB-A hub will unlock the potential of your USB-A device by adding up to four additional USB-A ports allowing you to connect all of your current USB-A accessories such as hard drives memory sticks printers scanners mouse and keyboard etc.EMI ShieldingLike all ALOGIC products the hub has been designed and engineered for best in class performance. End to end EMI shielding eliminates all interference from Wi-Fi and other noise sources.Plug and PlayThe plug-and-play portable hub connects directly to the USB-A ports on your USB-A enabled device. When connected the ALOGIC 4-in-1 SWIFT Hub becomes an extension of your laptop without the need to install additional software or drivers.Compact and Portable The Fusion SWIFT 4-in-1 USB-A Hub is portable and has a very small footprint. It is perfect for use at your desk/workspace or on the go as a mobile device.


Enhance the functionality of your USB-A enabled Laptop with the Fusion SWIFT 4-in-1 USB-A Hub. Designed and engineered specifically for your USB-A enabled device the hub features 4 additional USB-A (USB 3.0) downstream ports each supporting up to 5Gbps data transfer rate.




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