Tips to Choose the Right Web Design for Your Small Business in Perth

As a small business, you must be well-equipped with the right tools and techniques to draw maximum website traffic. Small business websites with eye-catching designs and compelling copy make the first impression impactful on the visitors. However, small business owners may need more money, skills or resources to create a website that stands out. Therefore, the small business web design in Perth centres on sparking interest in potential consumers. Appealing to their emotions allows them to experience your brand’s personality.

Identify your requirements

Before discussing the colour or font used on your website, you need to identify your business needs. Then, you can decide what kind of website you need based on your needs. For example, if you plan on selling a product, you need an e-commerce site, or if you want to build your portfolio, you need a portfolio site. Naturally, consider your requirements when deciding on your website. However, you don’t have to worry too much about it. An expert web design agency will walk you through the available options and help you pick the best option that fits your needs.

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Design for storytelling

You must always look for a website design encapsulates the user’s attention through its unique storytelling style. It provides a compelling opportunity for brands to focus on storytelling. When designing for storytelling, the aim is to capture your audience’s attention and persuade them to view more pages with the promise of value. Enticing visitors along the way means they spend more time on your site than your competitors. Think of your homepage as the appetizer where potential customers can immediately see your brand values. The main course is the additional pages of your site, like the blog or product pages.

Adopt a user-centric approach

The most vital thing to consider is the customer and how they will be interacting with your small business website. Even before you start designing your website, imagine your ideal customer, or better yet, talk with past customers to get an idea of their expectations. Ask them what questions they had when searching for similar products or services or if they had difficulty browsing through your site previously. You could also look at competitor websites and see what works for them and what you could improve on. If you have any pain points or unanswered questions searching their sites, move that to the top order of your list for what you want out of your site.

Simplicity often has more power

How often have you visited websites and discovered that their simple yet appealing designs managed to grip your attention for a while? That’s what simple, elegant and seamless web designs do. So, when someone comes to your website, they should be able to find what they’re looking for easily and quickly. And this is precisely the kind of experience you can provide for your visitors with a simple website design.
If your web design is too complicated, it can leave visitors wondering what to do next or hunting for what they’re looking for. This doesn’t create the best experience for them, and not too many will look for long before deciding to move on to your competition. Simple websites are much easier to build than more complicated ones and take relatively less time.
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