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Top skills that developers of android app development services must possess

While hiring Android app development services, what are the essential development skills and qualities you need to focus upon? Do you want to know all the key attributes and skills that make the most accomplished Android app developers? Here we explain them one by one.

Programming and SDK skills 

Now, let’s come to the bread and butter of every Android developer, namely, programming and SDKs for Android app development. Since Android, in many respects, takes a lot of principles from suitable old web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, having a good knowledge of them is essential.

The critical programming languages and SDKs Android developers should be versed with include the following.


Kotlin is now the official Android development language. Having several similarities and interoperability with Java, Kotlin has quickly become popular, allowing most developers to switch from Java. Apart from allowing developers to use all the pre-existing Android libraries, it offers many valuable new features for Android app development.


Java has now lost the official language status to Kotlin, but it is still used in most Android libraries and packages. Moreover, Java in the developing world is responsible for bringing in many revolutionary concepts related to object-oriented programming (OOP) that remain relevant. So, besides Kotlin, an expert Android developer should also be versed in Java programming skills.


XML or Extensible Markup Language allows Android developers to deliver Java or Kotlin-based features and functionalities onto the device interface. It is a kind of middleware that every Android developer needs to use and is regarded as a crucial skill.


Android encourages component-based development principles to ensure consistency across devices and ease of development through ready-to-use building blocks. Android SDK or Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is the official SDK of the platform that developers need to utilize to shape the look and feel of the app by adhering to Android design and development guidelines.


Firebase is the platform’s server-side or backend technology to help developers with API configuration and for setting the business logic through server setup. It also allows the Android apps to be featured in Google Search. So, a good knowledge of Firebase and how it works is essential for developers.

Good command over SQL and NoSQL databases 

Android operating system relies on SQL databases for storing app data. So, having a good command over SQL databases and how they function through multiple triggers, tables, and indexes should be understood meticulously.

But many cross-platform technologies and Android developers rely on NoSQL databases when choosing a custom tech stack for the respective app project. This is why it is also essential for them to have a good knowledge of NoSQL databases MongoDB. Furthermore, since offline capabilities are increasingly crucial for apps, understanding SQLite databases can benefit developers.

Knowledge of Android Studio

Android Studio is the Android operating system’s official Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Android Studio is arguably the most popular SDK globally, with a global following of developers from all development walks.

Android Studio has many tools for faster development and relevant features like a fully-fledged code editor, scalable build support, powerful visuals, cloud platform support, quick bug fixing and refactoring, and many others. So a good knowledge of Android Studio is a must for Android app development services developers.

Command over platform APIs and third-party integrations 

Since every app needs to incorporate several value-added features and functionalities through platform-specific or third-party APIs, a good command of these is essential for Android developers.

Besides bringing in existing APIs, the developers of crucial projects may need to build new APIs for new and advanced interactions. Apart from API configuration and development, troubleshooting APIs is critical for Android app developers.

UI/UX & Material Design experience 

Though developers are not directly responsible for the app’s user interface design and look and feel, they need to collaborate with the designers closely and, while leveraging functional attributes, should always keep the user interface and user experience attributes.

Compared to the iOS operating system platform, Google opted for more flexible design standards without missing a distinctive look and feel. Known as the Material Design principle, it rules the appearance and user experience of the final product. So an Android developer is expected to have enough knowledge of this design philosophy.

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